Thursday, March 31, 2011

Revision Reminders

  1. Your revised essay should be at least five pages long, with at least 2-3 pages of new material.
  2. You must cite at least one more scholarly source in your revision than you did on the draft.  Failing to do so (without prior discussion) will result in receiving a substantially lower grade than you would otherwise receive - at least one letter grade.
  3. You should work at least twice as hard on a revision as on a draft.  This should be your best work.
  4. IMPORTANT:  YOU MUST INCLUDE A LINK TO THE DRAFT YOU ARE REVISING AT THE TOP OF YOUR ESSAY, which should be posted as you would post an ordinary blog entry.  Doing a real link is simple, but just cutting and pasting the link into the paper is fine, if you can't figure out how to do a real link.

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