Monday, January 24, 2011

Prompts for Friday's Blog Post (Marcuse & Butler, week 2)

Note:  As a reminder, these blog entries should be posted on the main page, unlike the Monday & Sunday entries, which are to be posted as comments.  Also, as a reminder, I will usually add an additional prompt after class.

Prompt 1:  Using specific citations from both Marcuse and Butler, identify a point of disagreement on America's future, or destiny.  Both Marcuse and Butler are critiquing the American "system"; what you should be asking is where they disagree in such a way that Marcuse could be used to critique Butler, or vice versa.

Short version:  using specific passages, critique Butler with Marcuse, or Marcuse with Butler.

Prompt 2:  Identify a concept which is key in both Marcuse's work and in Butler's.  Examples that I'd consider using include:  "freedom," "slavery," "democracy," "media," "technology," "progress," etc.   Use the text of both authors to briefly establish how each one might define their concept.  Then, discuss (argue) which one is more applicable to our (or your, if you prefer) world.

Prompt 3:  This one is inspired mostly by Jeff.  Using cited research (what method of citation you use isn't important, as long as you make clear what research you're using where) regarding some issue of obvious interest to Octavia Butler (the "crack epidemic" is one good choice; global warming, especially as understood in the late 80s and early 90s, is another) try to demonstrate a precise way in which she is influenced by and critiquing the US of the late 80s / early 90s.

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