Monday, January 31, 2011

Yes, do your comments exactly as last week

A thread was recently opened asking whether you should do comments as you did last week.  Sorry for not providing the reminder (and consider this an extension, if you need it):  unless I tell you otherwise, the following instructions from last week will stand for every week from here on out.  Those you who asked, thank you for asking!


remember that you need to comment on someone else's blog entry by Sunday night [for this week only, you can have a couple extra days, if you need it].  Whose, you might ask?  Everyone needs to respond to the person who posted immediately after them.  The last person who posted an essay responds to the first person who posted it.  What should you say?  You are responding to their ideas/argument in an attempt to improve them.  You might try to extend an idea, you might try to pose a counterargument, you might identify and say something about a relevant passage or external source that they don't use:  your job is to help them articulate and develop their ideas.


  1. Is there an open thread for tonight's post?

  2. There is now! Thanks for the reminder. For future reference, if you're ever ready to post and I haven't created the open thread yet, create it yourself - just title it "Open Thread on X".