Sunday, February 6, 2011

Notes on class & blogs this week (and open thread, if you want it).

Note 0:  Jordan has indirectly reminded me that you're not actually required to post an entry to the open thread this week.  It's still hear if you have a question, but there is no requirement to post it on the week of your revision.

Note 1:  There will be no prompt this week, because your first revision will be due instead.  Start working sooner, rather than later.

Note 2:  Everyone who had all three essays in on time should have their grades back (in email).  That leaves a couple of you left - I'll go back and see if I have all your work or not.

Note 3:  In this class, revisions and the final project are more important than the drafts.  Your grades on the first three essays are not terribly important in isolation.  I care much more about what you do with that material - low grades are not yet a cause for despair, nor are high grades yet a cause for more than casual celebration.  Remember that as you revise.

Note 4:  How do you post your revisions?  I'll go over this in class, but here are the basics.  You post it as you would your weekly long blog entry, but with one CRITICAL addition.  You MUST have a line reading something like "Revision to blog #{number}: {link}" at the very top of your entry.  Obviously you actually fill in the blog number and provide a link to it.  I won't grade anything until it has this line at the top.


  1. I just had a quick question; how do we turn in these revisions? Do we just post them as another blog entry? Also does the due date for this assignment replace the blog on Friday (as is it due by 10 pm Friday?) or is it due in class on Tuesday?


  2. In addition to George's question, is there still a blog entry due tomorrow? Monday night? Say no...

  3. George - your first question is now answered in the body of the post. The revision is still due on Friday, at the usual time.

    Jordan - no, there's nothing due today. I earlier implied that you had to do your usual weekly post, but that is not the case.