Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome Spring 2012 Students

Hi everyone,

Remember to verify that you can post to the class blog, once you've clicked on the invitation I sent you.  Try the following things if you have difficulty joining the blog.

1)  Try using a different computer
2)  Instead of just clicking on the link, cut and paste it into a browser - hopefully a different browser than the one you usually use.
3)  Try clicking on it *both* while logged into your google account (if you have one), and while logged out of it.  
4)  Wait a little while, and try again.
5)  Try logging in off/on campus, (that is, off campus if you were on campus before, on campus if you were off campus) 
6)  If none of that works, send me a different email address, and we'll try that one.

Welcome to the class!

Note:  I saved posts from last year so you can look at other people's work from the past.  Take advantage of that through the course of the semester!

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