Saturday, February 25, 2012

Prompts for Melville/Marcuse, #1

Prompt #1:  Skim through the entirety of the extracts at the beginning of the novel.  After picking a single quotation which interests you, present an argument for how some aspect of the novel (including, as usual, at least one cited passages) should be read differently, given what that extract shows us about Melville's purposes or intentions.

Prompt #2:  Use Marcuse to interpret Melville.  You need to have an argument, and to cite both authors.  Other than that, the details are up to you.

Prompt #3:  Research!  Research, in detail, using at least one cited academic source (or, if you prefer, you may simply read and read the relevant book of the Bible, for one of the Biblical names), one of the names that plays an important role in the novel.  While you may end up mostly presenting your research, you should also begin to develop an argument about the importance or role of one of the names.

Ahab, Ishmael, and "the Pequod" are the obvious options, but there are numerous others as well.  The biblical names should involve at least half argument, not just research; the Pequod, and other, more obscure names, could lean more heavily toward research.

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